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GS1000 – Ground Bolt kit offers the safety, compatibility and value you expect. The Civacon model GS1000 Saf-T Ground Bolt kit includes our Ground Verification Bolt for use on tankers that load at terminals where the Loading Rack Monitor requires a special modified signal as part of their ground verification operation. This ground bolt is fully compatible with all Loading Rack Monitors that require this type of device. The GS1000 kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to provide secure, trouble-free installation on any tanker configuration.
  • Strong Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5-1/2 ft long (165cm) Wire
  • Two Internal Tooth Stainless Steel Lockwashers
  • Corrosion-resistant Strain Relief Fitting
  • Two Electrical Terminals to fit all socket styles
  • Sturdy round label to identify the ground bolt and cover and protect area around it

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Civacon SAF-T Ground Ball GS1002 Civacon SAF-T Ground Bolt Kit GS1000 Civacon SAF-T Ground-Wire Assembly Mounted in Socket GS1001
SAF-T Ground Ball
MSRP: $53.00
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Savings: $5.30
SAF-T Ground Bolt Kit
MSRP: $46.00
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SAF-T Ground-Wire Assembly Mounted in Socket
MSRP: $44.00
Your Price: $39.60
Savings: $4.40