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  • Crimp Free Installation No Special Tools or Training Required
  • Fits All Compartment Layout Configurations
  • Can be added to existing trucks with overfill systems
  • Completely Sealed harness system that will last in the environment
  • Components color coded for easy identification
  • Kit Components
  • RomLink Monitor
  • RomLink Probe
  • Dual RomLink Socket
  • RomLink Harness Kit

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Civacon RL1-TRD-1000 ROMLink䋢 1-Compartment Overfill System RL1-TRD-1000 RL1-TRD-1000 ROMLink 1-Compartment Overfill System

RL1-TRD-1000  ROMLink™ 1-Compartment Overfill System

Your Price: $1,503.00
Savings: $167.00
Civacon RL2-TRD-2000 ROMLink䋢 2-Compartment Overfill System RL2-TRD-2000 RL2-TRD-2000 ROMLink 2-Compartment Overfill System

RL2-TRD-2000 ROMLink™ 2-Compartment Overfill System

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Civacon RL3-TRD-3000 ROMLink䋢 3-Compartment Overfill System RL3-TRD-3000 RL3-TRD-3000 ROMLink 3-Compartment Overfill System

RL3-TRD-3000 ROMLink™ 3-Compartment Overfill System

Your Price: $2,051.10
Savings: $227.90
Civacon RL4-TRD-4000 ROMLink䋢 4-Compartment Overfill System RL4-TRD-4000 RL4-TRD-4000 ROMLink 4-Compartment Overfill System

RL4-TRD-4000 ROMLink™ 4-Compartment Overfill System

Your Price: $2,209.50
Savings: $245.50
Civacon RL5-TRD-5000 ROMLink䋢 5-Compartment Overfill System RL5-TRD-5000 RL5-TRD-5000 ROMLink 5-Compartment Overfill System

RL5-TRD-5000 ROMLink™ 5-Compartment Overfill System

Your Price: $2,547.00
Savings: $283.00