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PT Coupling - Camlock Special Cam & Groove Fittings

Our selection of special cam & groove fittings includes both 45° and 90° stainless steel cam and groove elbows. You'll find these pressure-safe cam and groove couplers in a variety of configurations, including coupler X adapter, coupler X hose shank and coupler X female NPT thread (G-elbow and H-elbow). Heavy-duty couplings include HD coupler X hose shank and HD coupler X female NPT thread units.

There are also a variety of other types of couplings available, including fire hose couplings, railroad tank car connections, coupler X coupler connections, weld fittings, pipe flanges and adapter X adapter connections. These are all top-quality, American-made couplings manufactured by PT Coupling Company, a 60+-year-old ISO-9001-certified company and industry leader based in Enid, Oklahoma.