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PT Coupling - Petroleum Handling Dry Disconnect Couplings

High-quality dry disconnect couplings (dry fuel break couplings) are important in protecting workers and the environment from dangerous spills. We offer an exceptional dry break fuel system in the MD90 Maxi-Dry Coupler 90° Swivel from PT Coupling Company. These dry break fittings consist of a coupler X female NPT threaded 90° elbow swivel. They come in 2” and 3” sizes and are available with either Buna or Viton seals.

You'll also find straight Maxi-Dry couplers without the elbow swivel, also coupler X female NPT thread. These come in a choice of aluminum or stainless steel, with either Buna or Viton seals, and in 1.5”, 2” or 3” sizes. We also offer dry break cam lock fitting replacement parts for your dry link coupling.